The Beginning of My Decluttering Journey

We’re 4 weeks into the 10 Minute Clean-up Habit! Similar to 2 weeks ago, I found it very easy to do the clean every night (and I think my family is getting more used to it as well). Similar to the first week, I noticed that we still had quite a bit that needed to be cleaned/picked up after the 10 minutes were over. I think that part of this is becuase I wasn’t cleaning up in between the 10 minutes like I was 2 weeks ago, but  another reason could be because of how much junk we have…

Getting Inspired to Start Decluttering

After looking around our house and seeing how much unnecessary stuff we have, I decided that it’s time for us to declutter! Actually, the inspiration came from Courtney Carver, the creator of and co-host of the Soul and Wit podcast. One post I recently saw by Courtney said, “Owning less stuff means cleaning less stuff.” It makes sense; I bet if we had less clutter to get through every day (and if everything were better organized) we could get so much more done during our 10 minutes a day.

This week, I decided to start tackling a few areas of my house and it already feels better. (Check out Facebook and Instagram for updates and a photo album of all the stuff I’m letting go of!) In the past, I’ve found it overwhelming to start and difficult to let things go once I did get started—the “what if’s” stopped me nearly every time. So in true Trinni fashion, I wanted to do some research on decluttering to see if there was a trick to this. I started with Courtney’s website since it was the inspiration behind this, but there are so many great simplicity and decluttering websites out there! I’m also reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I have not finished it yet, but be looking for a review in the coming weeks!

My Favorite Tips and Comments on Decluttering

  • “Start with a space you can finish in 10 minutes or less. Instead of starting with the garage or your closet, start with one drawer in your kitchen or one shelf in your living room. Even a window sill is a great place to start. The reason this is so powerful is that you can complete the whole project quickly and start to experience the benefits of a decluttered space.” (Decluttering Tips: 3 Teeny-Tiny Steps To Help You Get Started)

“Every time I decluttered physical objects and items, I felt fantastic. Every time I was able to make a decision to let something go I felt lighter and a little more free.”

Cecily Paterson (Decluttering Changes Everything)
  • “When you declutter inch by inch, you…
    • learn from your mistakes
    • enjoy the process
    • teach by example
    • rediscover passions
    • connect with like-minded people
    • realize that the best things aren’t things” (Inch by Inch Decluttering)
  • “This isn’t an organizing mission. While everything you own needs a place, you don’t need to own everything. Decluttering is not organizing. It’s getting rid of the stuff you don’t need, want, or love. If it doesn’t add joy or value, let it go.” (Back to Basics Decluttering)
  • “Send 5 care packages. Choose 5 books from your collection for 5 people you love. Write a nice note in the book and give the recipient permission to pass it on when they finish. Sign, seal, deliver. You’ll make a little room on your book shelf and make 5 friends smile.” (10 Tiny Tasks to Declutter Your Home)

Have you started a decluttering project? I’d love to hear how it’s going and if you have any favorite tips and tricks you have on making this process more enjoyable and lasting!

Check out my social pages for quick updates on how things are going. Also, be sure to follow for updates as they’re posted on the blog!

Thanks so much for reading!

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