Planning for Presence in 2021

We’re coming up on a new year, which means most people are thinking about how they would like to improve their lives, myself included. In 2020, I chose to focus on different areas of my life, from mediation and journaling to taking vitamins and ensuring I kept a clean house all while keeping my mental health at the focus. Next year, I’m going to continue working on my mental health, but I’m also going to start working more on my relationships with my family and friends.

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The Beginning of My Decluttering Journey

There are many reasons to declutter your house, especially if you have children. In this post, I discuss some of the blog posts and life experiences that finally pushed me into decluttering my home, ultimately making it a nicer place to live in.

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Tip #1: Stick to one habit at a time

Why stick to one habit at a time?

This is a tip that I’ve learned from years of “failure”. Sometimes, we feel that we need to improve everything in our lives right this very minute, but for most of us that is just not sustainable. In fact, the best way that I’ve found to do it is by changing only one habit at a time. Stick to one habit at a time in order to:

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