Reflecting on the Hardships and Accomplishments of 2020

2020 was an…interesting year. It was a year full of hardhsips and victories. Losing control and gaining a new sense of freedom. As the year comes to an end, I’d like to take time to reflect on what this year has meant to me and why I’m glad that it happened (and that it’s ending).

Before I get started with this reflection, I’d like to share another post that I recently read called “Be Proud Of Yourself For Making It Through 2020” where the author reminds us that it’s been a very difficult year for so many people and if the only thing you were able to do in 2020 was making it through than you did more than enough to be proud of. I really recommend giving this post a read, it really warmed my heart and reminded me that we are all going through different phases in our lives and it’s important to respect each phase as it comes.

2020 was an…interesting year. You might be surprised to learn that it wasn’t the hardest year for me in recent years—2019 was. That being said, at the beginning of the Pandemic I was a mess. I began working from home with a newborn, a 3-year-old, my husband, and my dad. In many ways, I was very lucky to have other adults in the home to help with the kids, but there were still a lot of adjustments to be made—new boundaries to be set—and I wasn’t prepared for any of it. The good news was that I was no longer experiencing prenatal depression (as I did most of 2019), so I felt a little more prepared to take on the challenges that were presenting themselves and to take back control of my life.

Things I’m proud of from 2020

Below are some of the hardships I’ve faced this year along with some accomplishments that I’m proud of.

  • I gave birth to a happy, healthy, and sassy baby girl.
  • I survived the newborn stage and (nearly) 9 months of sleep deprivation.
  • I breastfed my daughter for 11 months (and counting).
  • I transitioned to work-from-home life (though I’m still learning to juggle work and children).
  • My daughter and I made it through her hip dysplasia. 
  • I made huge strides in therapy.
  • I developed the following habits:
  • I made macarons for the first time and they turned out pretty good! (They’re notoriously finicky.)
  • We bought our first Christmas tree.
  • We bought a more eco-friendly car.
  • I switched from plastic luffas and liquid soap to a soap saving rag and bar soap in an attempt to be more eco-friendly.
  • I put myself out there in an attempt to make friends (still a work in progress).
  • I started writing on this blog again.
  • I made it through 2020.

Guys, I’m so far from where I want to be in life. I especially felt that this week as I switched back into autopilot mode—dropping my habits and not being present with my family—but this year has brought me so much closer to the life that I want. Sometimes, when we’re feeling down it’s important to reflect on how far we’ve come and remember that this is a journey. It’s slow and sometimes painful, but oh so worth it.

Take some time soon to look back on your posts, journal entries, or picutres from the last year and reflect on what this year has meant to you. What were some things that were difficult for you and what were some of your accomplishments?

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Thanks so much for reading!

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