Planning for Presence in 2021


Next year I’m going to be focusing on being more present in my life, starting by reducing my technology use (wish me luck). I will also be swapping out certain products that I use with more eco-friendly options.

Deciding on goals

The post you’re about to read is very different from what I thought it was going to be. In fact, I had an entirely different post written that was well thought out with thoroughly planned goals, ready to go for the New Year. But those goals weren’t my goals, they were my husbands. The big goal—to cook at home/stop eating fast food—was a great goal. It would have saved us money, helped us eat healthier, and maybe even lose a few pounds, but when I listened to what I wanted (what I needed) most, that goal wasn’t it. I wouldn’t have put my heart in it because my heart would have been here, with this post, and things would have fizzled out too soon. Leaving me to feel like a failure (if my past is any indication).

As you’re preparing to make plans for next year, remember to take some time to listen to what your body and mind are telling you you need, because listening to that voice will likely get you farther than trying to do something simply because you “should”.

Goal #1: Reduce my technology use

So, what was so important that I uprooted all of my plans for 2021 and gave me the strength to not be  a people pleaser (aka telling my husband that he would have to be responsible for the cooking at home goal)? A need to be more present in my life. I’ve known that I haven’t been as present as I would like to be for a while now. My husband and I describe the way we’ve been living as living life in autopilot, but you could also call it survival mode. We often do the bare minimum (sometimes less) to keep ourselves and our family going. But that’s not how we want to live; that’s why I started this habit journey. Despite how far I’ve come, I’m still struggling. All of the habits that I mentioned last week are still here, but they can very easily get swept under the rug on a bad day/week or if I’m not living my day intentionally. In truth, I’m not 100% sure I can call them habits just yet.

But something happened last week that helped me identify one of my bad habits that flips my autopilot switch to ON. Last Monday, my phone died and I decided to let it stay dead for the rest of the day, I also decided not to go on the computer (unless it was for work), watch TV, listen to the radio, or read a book—anything that would take me out of the moment of work or family time. I noticed how often I was thinking about my phone, social media, or a game, and how often I wanted to look something up or just hold my phone. It was so often that I began keeping a tally. By the end of the day, I had done the above mentioned at least 51 times. That is so much time taken away from my work, my family, and the life I’m striving to live!

Technology may not be the only thing keeping me out of the present moment, but my experience last week tells me that reducing my dependence on technology is going to be a great place to start. Be on the lookout for an introduction to this new habit sometime in January where I’ll talk more about my plan to turn my bad technology habit around.

Goal #2: Make eco-friendly switches

In addition to reducing my technology use this year, I will also be working on increasing my sustainability. I was inspired by this Soul and Wit podcast episode to make more sustainable switches in the coming year. Last year, I switched from liquid bath soap and plastic luffas to bar soap and rags in an attempt to reduce waste and while I do miss my plastic luffa every now and then, I’m happy I made the switch. In the coming year, I will make the following changes in January, April, July, and October respectively:

  • Switch to using a menstrual cup
  • Switch to wool dryer balls
  • Buy a starter kit from Blueland for hand soap and cleaning supplies
  • Switch from sponges to dishcloths

What are some of your goals for 2021? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about them!

Check out my social pages for quick updates on how things are going. Also, be sure to follow for updates as they’re posted on the blog!

Thanks so much for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Planning for Presence in 2021”

  1. These are great goals. Yes technology can be a time zap. Being eco is really in many ways. I wish you luck with both. I am sure you will be successful, because when make ours minds up to something we do it.


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