Tip #1: Stick to one habit at a time

Why stick to one habit at a time?

This is a tip that I’ve learned from years of “failure”. Sometimes, we feel that we need to improve everything in our lives right this very minute, but for most of us that is just not sustainable. In fact, the best way that I’ve found to do it is by changing only one habit at a time. Stick to one habit at a time in order to:

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Introduction to Habit #3 – Morning Showers

Introducing my first habit

Welcome to The Habit Tracker! If you’ve read the ‘About’ page, then you know that I started tracking my habits in January 2019 (just 3 months before this post was written) as part of my New Years Resolution. What you might not have gotten from the ‘About’ page is that I chose my first habit out of necessity. I found myself waking up late and groggy every morning, causing me to rush to work. Obviously, this was causing me a lot of stress. So, my first habit was to wake up every weekday at 6am and every weekend at 7am.

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