Challenges and Benefits of the 10 Minute Clean Up Habit (Update #1)

We are one week into this new habit of cleaning the house for 10 minutes every day. This week went pretty well; we complete 5/7 days. Here are some of the challenges and benefits that we experienced this week…

Hello and happy Monday, everyone! We are one week into this new habit of cleaning the house for 10 minutes every day. This week went pretty well; we complete 5/7 days (so not perfect, but not bad).

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This Weeks Challenges

Despite the numbers, this week did have its challenges:

  1. My husband’s sleep schedule is changing as he’s transitioning to working nights.
  2. My son is currently sick.
  3. I’ve been stressed with work and getting back into the world of blogging.

Luckily, I prepared for these challenges and knew exactly what to do!

  1. My husband and I had a discussion about his new schedule to see how can improve not only this habit, but his sleep as well. We decided to keep our cleaning time the same, but work on his sleep schedule since he’s not getting enough rest. We’re going to work harder to be more intentional about cleaning up since we are leaving that time alone.
  2. My son didn’t have to clean when he was feeling bad, but when he was feeling fine he was encouraged to help. There were 2 days where he was suddenly cold during our clean up (but not before or after). Those days I told him that he didn’t have to clean if he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t play on his tablet and we wouldn’t play a game until he cleaned up his mess. In the future, I will think more about what his day looked like; if I think he had a stressful day, I will let him go without cleaning (just like I do myself).
  3. I gave myself permission one day to take the day off due to stress. The second day, I didn’t have much of an excuse other than sore feet from standing all day. I gave myself some grace and went right back to it with my family the next day.

If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and get right back to it. You’re not going to be perfect and that’s okay, give it your best and you’ll be further ahead than you were yesterday.

There is one issue we’re having that I hadn’t anticipated — it feels like we hardly get anything done during the 10 minutes, despite working quickly. During our 10 minutes we are mostly cleaning up the mess that we made throughout the day (i.e. kids toys, dishes, and sweeping). My husband suggested increasing our time by 5-10 minutes, but I’m not a fan of setting large habits. It’s better to set a habit so small that you almost “can’t say no.” I have a feeling that the more we work on this habit, the cleaner things will get, and the more we’ll eventually be able to do. So, for now I’m just happy that the sea of dishes and toys is being cleared each day.

This Weeks Benefits

Okay, enough of the problems and solutions. As important as those things are, I’m excited to look at some of the benefits that I’ve noticed over the last week!

  1. After a few days of chipping away at the clutter, our house feels better.
  2. I notice myself picking up here and there throughout the day almost without thinking about it. (This could be another solution to the last problem I mentioned.)
  3. Sometimes I do end up cleaning a little longer than 10 minutes (and I don’t mind). The hardest part, it seems, is getting started.

Well, that’s all I have this week! Going into next week, we will continue to clean as a family at 7:15 PM. I will continue to encourage my son (and myself) to clean up, even on days when we really don’t want to. And I’ll see you back here for another look at the challenges and rewards this habit has to offer!

Thank you so much for reading! Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for quick updates on how things are going. Also, be sure to look for my updates as they’re posted on the blog!

Are you working on any habits at the moment? Let me know how it’s going in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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